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Subject:                          WHSYC November 2019 Meeting Reminder



This is a reminder for the Thursday November 21st gathering at Marco T's

302 W Fireweed Ln, 99503 



November 2019 Meeting Reminder



November Meeting


Sailors Social & viewing of the film Maiden, (1 hr. 37 min.)



This is a reminder that this month's meeting will be held Thursday November 21st from 6:00-7:37 at Marco T's, 302 W Fireweed Ln, 99503.


Maiden is the inspiring true story of the first all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World yacht race.


Still looking for recommendations for topics for winter membership meetings.


Our thanks to last winter/spring presenters ASA Sailing Instructor of the year Randy Altermatt on the topic of MOB and longtime member, cruiser/racer John Baker on the topic of winch maintenance and the general membership on favorite local cruising destinations. 


Some ideas of other topics of interest:  


         How to fish



                    Voyage Reports - Kodiak, crossing the Gulf, Inside Passage

                     Favorite Places



                     Encouraging participation


           Vessel maintenance:





How to access a sailboat for the least amount of money... and just how little can that be? Joint ownership? Lease?


Members willing to share their experience and help lead discussions?


Other Topics?


If you can't make tonight's meeting, we hope to see you at next months meeting in December, for the annual election of officers and Christmas potluck dinner. The meeting will be at the Bayshore Clubhouse, on December 12th. Will follow up with a time and the details.


The next board meeting will be Wednesday December 4th at 17:30, at Turnagain Brewing Company, 7920 King Street, Anchorage, AK


Tentative Schedule of Events 2019-2020


January 16th  membership meeting (topic? presenter?)

February 20th membership meeting (topic? presenter?)

March 19th membership meeting (topic? presenter)

April 16th general membership meeting?

May 15, 16 & 17 Fri, Sat & Sun 2020 Harbor Opening: progressive boat party, club open house, barbecue, breakfast.


June 6th Sat Race #1 Destination Sunny Cove Race - Rabbit start, or self timed?


July 3rd thru 5th Fri, Sat & Sun Commodores Cruise


July 18th Sat Race #2 Destination Bulldog Cove Race


August 8th Sat Rum Doodle


August 9th, Sun Short Track Race... Say Sea Life Center to Industrial Harbor and back


August 8 - 16, Seward Silver Salmon Derby


August 28th, 29th, 31st & Sept 1st,  Race #3 Alaska Cup combined with Fri, Sat & Sun  Sailing Inc. Day Harbor Cruise. Participants chip in $10 - $20 for a goody bag for all participants?


Sept 25, 26 & 27th Fri, Sat & Sun Clubhouse Closing Weekend


Sept 30th, Wed. Clubhouse Locked for the season 



Commodores  Corner


For anyone willing to lead, or help talk/present any of the topics mentioned above, or another that you think might be of interest to the club please contact myself or one of the board members. Or drop a note to commodore@whs.yachtclub.


Thanks to William Ennis for offering up the topic of cruising in far away places, and his vote for keeping a physical clubhouse.


With the election of officers coming up at the annual December meeting, anyone willing to serve as commodore, or on the board please step forward.


Still outstanding is finding 3 club members to meet with Kate Pruit, Deborah Altermatt and Peter Murphy of the Kenai Fjords Yacht Club (KFYC) to answer the question of establishing some as yet to be determined relationship with KFYC. Can we, should we combine, and if so, in what fashion. If you are interested on serving on this committee please contact me.


A special thanks and recognition to our Treasurer, Deb Perala for her successful pursuit of insurance to cover alcohol in the club house. I look forward celebrating her achievement with a drink in the clubhouse this coming season.       



William Goodell

2019 WHSYC Commodore


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