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January 2020 - Newsletter



Happy New Year - 2020 Club Update


WHSYC Members:


Best wishes for a Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!


We are looking forward to another great year of sailing and activities both on and off the water this year (please no smoke).  For those of you who made it to our holiday party it was great to see you and great to catch up on the off-season activities.  Attached is a summary of the meeting, courtesy of Marty Lemon.  Thank you to Curtis for securing Bay Shore clubhouse for the evening, and to Marty and Debra for setting up the catering for the party.  For those who could not make it, we held our annual elections and I am pleased to announce our 2020 board members:


Commodore: William Goodell; Vice-Commodore: Curtis Markley; Trustees: Sam Steel and Rick Liotta, Gary Fung and Marty Lemon serve out the 2nd year of their terms. Last years Secretary Deborah Altermatt and Treasurer Debra Perala agreed to serve another term. Past Commodore Bill Goodell/Nathan Zeigler, Sam Steel heading Membership, and Marty Lemon, assisted by Bill Goodell for grounds completes the board.  


Welcome to the new board members and thank you all for the generous donation of your time and energy. 



2019 Membership Form

If you haven't sent in your Yacht Club Membership for 2020 please visit the membership section of the WHSYC website and fill out your membership before May 1st.


Membership categories are the same as last year. A Family Membership is $225, and an Individual Membership $140.  WHSYC is once again offering Cruiser or Alumnus Memberships (2 people) for $150, and Junior or Race Crew memberships for $50. 


WHSYC has use of the club house for the 2020 Season, and it's amenities will be available to club members for the duration of the 2020 sailing season (May - September). Negotiations continue for a number of parking spaces at $50 each. Be aware that the limited number of parking slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Your place in line for the limited number of parking passes will be determined by the date you renew your membership. Also note that on busy weekends there may not be any parking spots open. While discussions continue, winter use of the facility has been cost prohibitive to this point in time.


Please renew, or submit your membership applications before May 1st. Memberships received after September 1st will be extended through the following calendar year. For members looking to pay their renewal fee please visit the renewal section on the William H. Seward Yacht Club Website.


2020 Activity Schedule

We are currently putting the schedule together for the 2020 season, but we do have the following dates to add to your calendars:


Winter Activities Schedule:

WHSYC monthly board meetings will be held the 1st Wednesday of each month, 5:30 to 7:00 PM, except 1/1/20 will move to 1/8/20, upstairs at Turnagain Brewing Company, 7920 King St, Anchorage, AK 99518


WHSYC monthly membership meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of every month, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at 49th State Brewery, 717 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501. 


- January 16th: Topic TBD  

- February 21st: Topic TBD

- March 21st: Topic TBD

- April 18th: Topic TBD


2020 Summer Activities Schedule:


- May 1st - 3rd: Fri. thru Sun. Club House Opening Weekend:

- May 15th - 17th: Fri. thru Sun. Seward Harbor Opening - Friday Progressive boat party, Saturday open house & barbecue, Sunday breakfast 

- June 6th: Saturday White Sails Race #1, Destination Race - needed race chair - jackrabbit start?

- July 4th - 5th: Sat afternoon thru Sunday Commodore's Cruise

- July 18th: Sat. White Sales Race #2, Destination Race - needed race chair - 

- Aug 8th - 16th Seward Silver Salmon Derby

- Aug 8th: Sat. Rum Doodle - Ladies Rule!

- Aug 9th: Sun. Short track race, or race back from Rum Doodle - needed race chair -

- Aug 28th - 31st & Sept. 1st: Race #3 - Alaska Cup - combined with Sailing Inc. Day Harbor Cruise

- Sept. 26th - 28th: Fri. thru Sun. Club House Closing Weekend



Here is to a great 2020


Thank you all for your time and efforts. It's our positive energy, support and contributions that have made, and continue to make WHSYC a great club to be a part of. If there is a topic of interest that you would like to learn more about or if you have a topic that you would be willing to present/discuss please let me know. Also, if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback please don't hesitate to share them.


I'm looking forward to seeing those that can make it to 49th State Brewery Thursday evening, the 16th at 6:00 PM.


Looking forward to great sailing in 2020! Here is to more days on the water in the coming decade. 


Best wishes, no worries, so happy...

William Goodell

2019 WHSYC Commodore


WHSYC Annual Meeting Summary 12-12-19 Marty Lemon 


In attendance: Bill & Kate Goodell, Curtis Markely, Marty Lemon & Debra Perala. Sam and Beth Steel and their daughter, Rick and Patty Liotta, Craig and Kelly Driver, John Baker
Location: Bayshore club in South Anchorage. Had ~14 members in attendance. Event started ~18:00, adjourned ~21:30
1. Holiday social, dinner followed by annual members meeting and election of 2020 officers 2. General meeting started at ~ 20:30 3. Debra presented the Profit & Loss statement. Missing is the charges for constant contact ~$200$250. We subsidized expenses ~$11,000 in 2019. Cash on hand ~$79,000. See attached for details. 4. Had discussion on club facility in Seward. Marty reviewed the historical costs of owning and operating a facility. All agreed the ability of owning and operating our own facility was unrealistic. 5. Passed along the comments that the general feeling from Marty, Deborah and Sam was that we likely could continue leasing the current facility from Tom Togas for several more years. Marty will continue to have discussion with Tom Togas regarding extending the lease. 6. Informed membership that Sailing Inc is considering modifying its facility and that a portion of the modified facility could be leased by the WHSYC. Membership was supportive of discussing that possibility with Sailing Inc. All agreed that we could not be an owner in the facility. 7. Had discussion about what to do with our reserve funds. John and Debra commented that we had to spend the funds supporting the club or give the funds away to another nonprofit organization with similar objectives. Given the fact we not going to own a future facility there was agreement to spend the fund reserve at a more aggressive pace in 2020 and reevaluate next year. 8. Members and Board all agree reducing the dues 50% for individual and family members for 2020. Eliminated the 50% reduction for new members. Any visiting yacht wishing to use the facility would pay the full membership rather than a prorated membership for 2020. Cruising and racing membership remain the same. 9. All agreed we needed to proactively solicit new members since we reduced the membership fees. 10. Discussed initiative to explore joining the two Yacht clubs (WHSYC & KFYC). Agreed to have discussions with KFYC. All agreed that a tiered membership structure was problematic and is not supported. Sam Steel, John Baker and Rick Liotta agreed to be the 3 members that would meet with the KFYC and report back to the WHSYC Board. 11. 2020 election of officers. We had one nomination per position. The nominees were unanimously agreed. Commodore Bill Goodell, Vice Commodore Curtis Markley, Trustees Sam Steel and Rick Liotta, Treasure Debra Perala and Secretary Deborah Altermatt. Trustees Marty Lemon and Gary Fung serve out the second year of their terms 12. Agreed that the Commodore position carriers biggest work load being the cheer leader and organizer for the club. The other board members agreed to help. Rick Liotta agreed to maintain the website calendar, Marty agreed to run the Board meetings as needed. Other to support as needed. 13. Will continue with the destination racing concept. Issue last year was the lack of commitment prior to the event. Agreed to not have one person responsible for all the racing events, but have different individual organize each race. Curtis commented the importance to try and facilitate the opportunity to get non boat owning members out on boats for events.


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