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Subject:                          WHSYC April 2020 Covid-19 Impact



This is notice that Covid-19 health mandates necessitate closure of the club house and suspension of all club activities involving personal contact . 



April 2020 Covid-19 Impact



Covid-19 Impact


Your board met using telephone conference to discuss the ramifications of Covid-19 restrictions on club activities.


1. The clubhouse will remain closed until Covid-19 health mandates requiring social distancing are lifted. Be advised that those who have received there 2020 Club membership e-cards with this seasons door codes, that those codes will not work until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.  


 2.The spring membership meeting scheduled for April 16th remains postponed until further notice, as do all other in person club activities.


3. In place of the spring membership meeting a Facebook Messenger session will take place on April 16th at 6:00 PM. This session will feature Gary Fung in a discussion of racing, using the 'jack rabbit start' technique of yacht racing.    


It is anticipated that this, or similar methods of communication will be used to present items of interest to our membership during the period of Covid-19 restricted contact.


We are always looking for recommendations for topics of interest to our membership, and members willing to share items of interest. Any one with an idea for a topic should contact one of your board members, or an email to 


As an aside Sam Steele shared a recommendation for the film Sea Gypsies, available on Amazon Prime.


During the board meeting discussion regarding Covid-19 restrictions centered on travel to Seward. Alaskan Governor Dunleavy Health Mandate #12 restricts Intrastate travel:


"Personal travel is prohibited except as necessary to meet critical personal needs or work in critical infrastructure jobs. Critical personal needs include buying, selling, or delivering groceries and home goods; obtaining fuel for vehicles or residential needs; transporting family members for out-of-home care, essential health needs, or for purposes of child custody exchanges; receiving essential health care; providing essential health care to a family member; obtaining other important goods; and engaging in subsistence activities."

Club Trustee Marty Lemon reported that Peter Murphy asked Bryan Fisher, Incident Commander Alaska State Emergency Operations Center/Unified Command, if relocating to a boat is acceptable, given that relocating to a cabin is approved, Brian confirmed "You can relocate to your boat out of Seward"

Club members from other communities should be cognizant that the stores, businesses and other facilities in Seward are closed, except those considered essential, and that Seward residents are practicing social isolation to restrict the spread of the virus. Visitors from other communities are considered subject to a 14 day quarantine. Those of us from other communities can respect there desire to restrict the spread of the coronaviris and protect the health and lives of there citizens. 

While there is presently restriction on the use of the clubhouse we remain hopeful and encourage members to renew their membership, thereby taking advantage of the reduced rates for this year. There are also still a couple of parking passes available... It is also of note that parking spaces adjacent to the clubhouse will be available to the first 10 members, on the basis of the date of their membership renewal, and at a cost of $50. It is noted that on popular dates, when Seward is packed, all the spaces may be taken. Come a day earlier and have even more fun.   


If you can't make the April 16th virtual meeting, we hope to announce another meeting in the near future.


The next board meeting will be Wednesday May 6th, 17:30, and be conducted via a telephone conference call.


Tentative Schedule of Events for 2020



Although the following events are all in abeyance, the full calendar is listed so we are reminded of all the great times ahead, once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

 April 15th club house opens.

Do continue to think about our upcoming race and event season, and especially think about how to make our races work, and an appeal to members to step forward as 'race sponsors/marshals'. Members who will organize an individual race and be responsible to see that it happens and help participants have a great event.

May 15, 16 & 17 Fri, Sat & Sun 2020 Harbor Opening: progressive boat party Sat 16th and on Sun 17th for breakfast and a club open house. 


June 6th Sat Race #1 Destination Sunny Cove Race - Rabbit start, or self timed?


June 20th Summer Solstice Cruise - WHSYC, KFYC & Sailing Inc.


July 5th thru 7th, Sun, Mon Tue - Commodores Cruise


July 18th Sat Race #2 Destination Bulldog Cove Race


August 8th Sat Rum Doodle


August 9th, Sun Short Track Race... Say Sea Life Center to Industrial Harbor and back


August 8 - 16, Seward Silver Salmon Derby


August 28th, 29th, 31st & Sept 1st,  Race #3 Alaska Cup combined with Fri, Sat & Sun  Sailing Inc. Day Harbor Cruise. Participants chip in $10 - $20 for a goody bag for all participants?


Sept 25, 26 & 27th Fri, Sat & Sun Clubhouse Closing Weekend


Sept 30th, Wed. Clubhouse Locked for the season 



Commodores  Corner


Riggers are questionable at this point... anyone looking for services please write in.

Electronics, spoke with Jim Damore of Gold Star Alaska (Anchorage) about potential work on my vessel: $110/hour work time and $75/hour travel time.

Thanks to this years boat show hosts & the plan is for an even better presence at  next years show.


Look forward to participating with you at our first virtual meeting.     


Best wishes for your health and safety,

William Goodell

2020 WHSYC Commodore


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